Kenya 2017

We had met David Lloyd and seen his photography in London at the Royal Geographical Society several years ago so the chance to join both him and Richard Peters who we'd met on a Northshots trip seemed like the ideal time to return to Kenya after a long absence. We also managed to dovetail this with a trip to South Africa making for an intense safari experience. In the past we've always traveled around in Kenya so it was good this time to be based in just one place for the whole time - the extremely lovely Entim Camp which is sited on the banks of the Mara river.


One species that has always eluded us has been the cheetah - this time the Mara really delivered with several encounters with the five musketeers, a big coalition of males and also with Malaika and her two cubs.

Most memorable of all was an encounter with the five, who after scent-marking in a tree tried to take down a young wildebeest.

The Mara in August is of course famous for the Great Migration and river crossings - we weren't disappointed.

Of course there was also great scenery and a host of incidental characters - the advantage of having been on safari a number of times is that there is n need to chase after the big five. Waiting and shooting what comes is often the best plan.